As a bespoke jeweller I do personalised orders. Give me your ideas and I can work around your individual requests and price range to create a special and unique piece for occasions such as an anniversary, wedding, engagement, christening, birthday gift or to treat a loved one or yourself. Here are a few selected examples.
Froggie´s Golden Lily Pad Garden.
18ct Gold micro-sculpture, emerald carved frog, pearls, garnets, opals, lily pad, waterlily flower
This wee frog carved out of a whole emerald, became quite famous in my studio at the time (although I only had his footprint and a photo of him at the time)... the delightful challenge being to create a magical ¨something¨ in gold for him to live in that would show him off to be the special and precious creature he is.

I was handed a tiny pouch of incredibly beautifully coloured gems and sparkling stones that I had the freedom to use as I liked. What an amazing commission to be given, and also a slightly intimidating one!

I´ve always been grateful for this commission as it´s really what set me off working with colour and in particular coloured stones... and in many ways there has been no going back! Looking at the wonderful assorted glowing gems before me I felt like a child in a sweet shop. What a privilege to be working with stones that have been through fire and heat and elements for thousands of years before arriving at my jewellery workbench!


Do you have something special that you need a jewelled surrounding for? ...Or perhaps some old family beads that you love but would like to be made into a new creation?