As a jeweller and dreamer, I draw inspiration from many sources: music, books and especially the wonder of creation. I am fascinated with stories (both true and imagined), the mystical and the world of symbols.
For example in the neckpiece “Things will end before they start”, the acorn is an encouraging symbol of renewal and hope. I´m filled with delight and awe as I ponder how a whole forest is inside just one small acorn. 
In Victorian flower arrangements, the flowers were chosen carefully to carry a desired message… the oak leaf represented “courage”. While working on this collection I often thought of the phrase “Things will end before they start” from a Sufjan Stevens song, from which the piece gets it’s autumnal name.
Other more universal symbols such as water, in its many changing forms and moods; light with all its nuances, translucency and colours; and circles, ancient emblems of eternity, completeness and the cycle of life, are a few recurring themes.
Inspiration often comes in times of creative rest, like when I walk along the beach and soak up the sparkling light on the sea or observe the foam of the waves frilling like lace and the tiny shells glistening in the sun on the wet sand. Or maybe a wander through the woods noticing the delicately intricate and yet beautifully simple forms in nature...
and the rich colours so alive they seem to have just been washed by the rains.
 Sometimes it’s a night gazing up at the jewelled cosmos, the stars glistening like celestial diamonds. On other days inspiration is found browsing through the hidden away antique shops in Barcelona´s Gothic Quarter or in an open air street market. Each object seems to hold its own intriguing story.
 The sensitivity of the drawn line is an important thread weaving throughout my work and I reflect this organic quality of line when working with the precious metal, forging it like forms found in nature. This makes each piece very personal, like the way that one’s own signature or drawn mark is unique and different.
I have enjoyed crossing over boundaries into other art forms such as sculpture, installation, mixed media and drawing, as well as performance and video.