This is where the poetry is hammered, formed or melted into shape. The atmosphere in my workshop space helps me get the creative juices going... 


Jewellery workbench with tools, bench peg, a selection of pliers and some white gold wedding ring bands,          Jewellery workshop with pink lily flowers and duck egg blue background.          Vintage pink lace for inspiration and making jewellery.


 So I surrounded myself with objects I love as well as colours and trinkets I find meaningful or inspiring.



 I always have my sketchbook nearby to scribble down any designs or ideas that pop into my head and to jot down any notes or calculations I need to remember.  This might look like hieroglyphics to anyone else, but for me it´s gold.




Being surrounded by the old jewellery machines and tools is also inspiring and keeps me engaged with the process. Here is one of the beautiful old manual rolling mill machines used to shape the melted gold or silver into flat usable sheets... literally helps me to keep things rolling!


Jewellery Machinery, old manual rolling mill with cogs,  to make flat silver and gold sheet.


There is hidden poetry even in the colours of the used crucibles in which the gold and silver is melted in the furnace. 


Jewellery crucibles for melting gold and silver.